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The ever present Pig Rabbit Plushie from the popular 2009 K-drama “You’re Beautiful” starring Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk.

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Ginza Tanaka jeweler from Tokyo created this Darth Vader mask covered in gold leaf to commemorate the Star Wars franchise and the upcoming films, the helmet is not for sale but will be given to Disney after it’s on display.

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Ninja This

Versatile weapon of choice for the ninja in training and also favored for its durability, the kunai along with the shuriken are the common most used ninja tools. Usually a black dagger with a bandaged handle, the kunai was actually a farming tool until the Japanese emperor banned all weapons did the tool become a weapon.


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Turn It On

The window to another world, discover sharp quality pushed once again to the edge in the beautiful 4K. If those sound too out of this world you can also watch you’re season finale or have a family movie night and open a portal to a new dimension on this 147 inch Sony Projector 4K Ultra Projector screen.



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Collect Them Now

Gotta catch them all on your ears, what better place is there to keep your pokeballs when the next Pokemon Master challenges you to a duel?

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One of Japan’s titan names in watches, the G-Shock has the reputation over the years of being best known in durability, tactical while being user friendly. This model in the Rangeman Series is a Japanese import and comes with digital compass, a barometer, while being solar powered is multiband 6 radio controlled and the icing on the cake is the carbon fiber insert band.

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Inspired by the Yakuza full body tattoo, this beautifully designed printed shirt captures the art of irezumi. Beautiful as a design, the same design can also bring nervousness to anyone who sees the tattoo on someone on the streets of Japan, so much so that usually saunas don’t allow people with tattoos into certain public place. Since this shirt is made from spandex it stretches out to make the design look like an actual tattoo. Luckily this is a long sleeved t shirt that can be taken off before you enter a hot spring in Japan.

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Having this awesome poster on the wall of your home will surely always make you hungry, drooling and craving that spicy, noodle goodness.

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Put It On

Who knew applying your face with sugar would make your skin feeling smooth and your face looking healthy and fresh? Just remember not to apply your face with any type of baking sugar, unless you’re trying to attract the bees. Korea’s always been known for their face and beauty products and Skin Food is one of the most popular brands to come out and the West has started to take notice of the cosmetic line. Directions on how to apply the face mask is in the Amazon product description section and also check out the great reviews it’s been getting.


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Jump On In!

Jumping over the iconic green warp pipes in 8-bit then 16-bit and onto today is a staple obstacle if not the most recognizable obstacle in all of the Nintendo Super Mario games while also being a way to transport Mario and friends to other parts of the map and occasionally secret zones. (Mario plushie not included)

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Pick It Up

Add a nice touch at the dinner table when enjoying a traditional Asian style meal by bringing two traditions in one place with the bamboo made chopsticks and ceramic origami cranes.

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Grow A Tree

Bonsai is the Japanese art form and practice of cultivating a plant or miniature tree in a small pot. “Bon” refers to pot while “sai” refers to planting, the term is the Japanese pronunciation of  the Chinese term penzai. Similar practices are the Chinese penjing where the art form originated from and Vietnamese art form Hon Non Bo is the beautiful art form of trying to imitate mountains, islands and other landscapes found in nature into the miniature form.


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I Want This Garbage

There’s always those lazy days where you don’t even want to walk over and open lid of the trash can to throw away your garbage. Well stay relaxed and sit back while you maneuver this trash can to come to you with its remote control.

7.99 @ Tokyo Otaku Mode

I Kneed These Meow

Just like that very attached cat that’s always nudging its head next to their owners’ leg you now can have two cats wrapped around your legs throughout the day.

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Tony Jaa is one of this generations best martial arts action film stars the world has recently seen. Working as a stuntman in the movie industry for over 14 years, Ong Bak catapulted his name to worldwide action movie stardom and became a household name. As of recently he also had a role in the record breaking mega blockbuster Fast and the Furious 7.

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Wipe Here

Nyanko-sensei may want his paws on Natsume’s Book of Friends, but until then he is the bodyguard, friend, and screen cleaner to Natsume. I don’t know how many yokai will be kept away by cleaning your monitor or TV screen but Nyanko-sensei doesn’t seem to mind too much.

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Safety is always first when piloting a Gundam or when cruising down the freeway in your motorcycle.

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Grab A Bowl

Looks good enough to eat, but you can’t! That’s because it’s not real food, it’s a replica that looks good as the real thing. In fact, to make it look this authentic it’s made after its ordered. What you can do is put your phone in the fake broth to amuse friends or use it as a stand for viewing your Youtube or Netflix videos.

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I Want One

Designer Cardamom Clothing shows off the influence and inspiration of the cherry blossoms in these beautiful stretch lace leggings made from nylon and spandex handcrafted in the UK.



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I Want Candy

Fujiya’s Milky Candy has been a long standing chewy candy for decades now and for the people over in Japan having one of these chewy caramel like candies may send you back to nostalgia. While the candy brings back fond memories, the Fujiya mascot Peko-chan has become a mainstay in the pop culture not only limited by being the face of the company. The candy is rich in taste, not too sweet but milkier than the caramel you’d have over here, hence the name.

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Hold The Rainbow

What’s trending and one of the most popular plushies in Japan right now? The Alpacasso of course! Inspired by the alpaca the Rainbow Alpacasso line manufactured by Amuse is a best seller over at Tokyo Otaku Mode and at other shops in Japan and even in the States.

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D-torso was invented in 1998 by the Aki Co. Ltd and the paper craft started with a paper cardboard version of a mannequin. It’s been used in interior design, clothing display, even robots and other promotional media. This miniature kit series is very popular with kids and adult of all ages and they produce animals, dinosaurs and well known licensed characters such as this cute Winnie the Pooh and Piglet piece.


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Yuchaba’s Bathhouse is the iconic setting where all the fun and chaos happen in Studio Ghibilis fan favorite and masterpiece Spirited Away. This assembly papercraft is as detailed as you can get with Sankei’s laser cut hard paper, when looking at the final product it’s hard to believe it’s paper made and not something like building blocks. Speaking of blocks, you can now watch Spirited Away in 8-bit.

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Does a dog house really need a dining room with an electronic automated feeder? A doggy treadmill? How about a Samsung S Tablet for entertainment? Their own personal pool? For some dog owners it isn’t even a question, the dog is truly their best friend and deserve nothing but the best.  Samsung, main sponsor for Crufts and not known for their focus in the pet business, constructed this $30,000 hi-tech dream doghouse for the world’s largest dog show.

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Come over to the the Dark Side in the shade away from the Sun and enjoy an ice cold drink with a frozen Death Star in your cup on a hot and humid day.

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Want This Cloak

The Survey Corps. and the few hundred remaining are the hope of mankind and the insignia symbolizes that that as the “Wings of Freedom”. Don’t leave home or what’s left of it without the Survey Corps. cloak of hope when protecting the walls against the Titans.

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Light Up The Dark Side

Check out the stars and constellations from the comfort of your home, beaming the universe from Darth Vaders helmet.


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Adopt A Dog

Never has a dog been so excited to transfer work data over to the laptop.

$18.40 @ Ekodworks

Dive On In

From the team that brought the boob t shirts, designer Takayuki Fukusawa’s focus is yet again on the female cleavage with the Tanima Diver necklace. “Tanima” basically means “in between cleavage” in Japanese. Currently among the divers are the skydiver, high diver, scuba diver, and the salaryman diver ready to take the plunge into the valley and depths. These were first financially crowdfunded on the platform, Campfire and this funny video was part of the campaign.


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I Want This

Now you too can hear high frequency sounds other humans can’t, with these you’ll be able to differentiate sounds much better than those puny humans. – “Cat”

They’re actually sweet LED light up cat ear style headphones.

$125.00-$417.00 Per Night @ Hotel Gracery

Book Night With Godzilla

Always wanted to spend a night in Tokyo with the “King of the Monsters”? This hotel room is just for you. This is one monster that won’t be hiding under the bed


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Give Cat Money

This kitty will be more than happy to take your loose change lying around dreaming of one day becoming a money fat cat.

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Wear The Futon

Perfect for those all nighters during the busy season at the office.

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Time to go retro back in Japan with the one and only classic Ultraman!

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I Want Yakitori

Bring the street vendor food from the streets of Asia home with this yakitori grill. Cook up some delicious yakitori skewers, oden aka fishcakes on a stick, or even use it as a KBBQ grill!


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This Is Cool!

Now you don’t need to climb the famous Japanese mountain, you can make a mini ice cube mountain and put it in your cup. Climb to the peak of your thirst and quench it with a Mount Fuji ice cube in your beverage today.

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I Must Have

Hello Kitty goes bad ass as she pilots the Chogokin Hello Kitty to commemorate the 40th anniversary of both Hello Kitty and the die cast robot line Chogokin. The robot has three different modes (drive mode, flight mode, and dive mode) and three different expression modes and can even throw out a rocket punch!

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I Need This

Waking up your neighbors during a loud and terrible karaoke session is always a problem. Sing your heart out and never get police knocking on your door with this noiseless mic.

$19.99 for 2 Bottles @ Before Elixir

Prevent The Glow

Drinking this before your night out will help stop your face from turning tomato in the face.

$27.00 @ Japan Trend Shop

Thumbs Up

For those that can’t seem to reach the far area of their smartphones, this gets two thumbs up!

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I Want Totoro

Wish you could ride on the Catbus with Totoro? How about dancing or flying with Totoro? Now you can with the 29″ plush version.

$50.00 Pre Order @ Bandai JP

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The iconic Delorean made time travel possible in Back to the future with  Marty McFly and Doc. Now you can go back to nostalgia where Bandai has beautifully crafted the Delorean case fit for an iPhone. Go back to the future to pre-order one now for the June release.

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Gather The Balls

All seven of the Dragonballs have finally been gathered, ready to summon Shenlong the Dragon god?

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I Want This

Komorebi is the Japanese expression for the “sunshine filtering through the trees or leaves.” This unique umbrella would be great during the rainy day and even for sunny days.

$25.00 @ Japan Trend Shop

I Need This

For those times you’re feeling too tired to clap with both hands, this guy will do the clapping for you. Perfect for concerts, sports events especially when part of the golf gallery, or that clap on light!

$138.00 @ Japan Trend Shop

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This is one of those things you ask yourself why it wasn’t made sooner? The Kirin Beer Slushie Maker helps bring the best of both worlds in beer and slushies making the ultimate team up to fight off the summer heat.

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This Japanese company employed R2-D2 to beam out holographic virtual keyboards but maybe he was promised to find his true love?

$11.36 @ Amazon

Open The Gates

Gathering all the Dragonballs and summoning the Dragon not your cup of tea? With 12 of the 18 Golden Keys in your collection you now can open the gates to change the world! 

$49.00 @ Japan Trend Shop

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Decorate the sky with these light pens then snap a picture to have your doodle appear as a prop in your photo!


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Pick Up The Force

May the force be with you while you pick up that piece of unagi.

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Pick Some Up

WARNING: May Cause Fruit Chew Addiction. Once you have one your taste buds will ask for another and another. May cause one to eat whole pack or more in one sitting!


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While most people would enjoy some ramen noodles as a snack  or some Japanese candy, Titans rather snack on some people.


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Make Some Noodles

Now you can make ramen noodles even faster without having to boil water on the stove. Great for when your in a hurry or have a box of ramen at the office and only a microwave.

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It’s Over 9000

When worn it’s difficult not to shout out people’s power levels being over 9000

Cute Yet Disturbing

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This fish might make you feel so bad may you never want to eat sashimi or sushi ever again! Probably not.


$43.00 @ Japan Trend Shop

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Usually these sweet dumplings on a stick are great snacks or desserts in Japan but here they’re game pieces. Stack the dumplings as high as they can go until they fall down along with other games you can play in this set.

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A new age vending machine that can gather data such as age and gender of the person in front of the machine then displays beverage recommendations from the gathered data.

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A new way to communicate with our family and friends: through our noses with scent communication by Scentee.

$37.00 @ Japan Trend Shop

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These days people use their devices almost anywhere, one of the only places stopping them is using it in the bathtub. This comfortable inflatable makes it possible and safe for your phone by inserting your smartphone or tablet into the waterproof case to safely use it while taking a bath.

Japanese Pizza Candy

$4.63 @ Amazon

I Want Pizza Candy

Possibly the sweetest and mini-est pizza one can ever eat because…well…it’s pizza candy!


$48.40 @ Doppelganger Outdoor

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A BBQ grill made for one but probably can feed more. After using the grill, it easily folds into a convenient and compact briefcase to comfortably carry to the park or the beach.

$3.99 Digital @ Marvel.com

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Another spider bite has blessed and cursed the responsibilities that bring an individual spidey super powers. This time it’s Asian-American Cindy Moon as Silk, she has saved Peter Parker’s life once and already had adventures with Spider-Woman but  this time she is starring in her own spider crime fighting adventures in Marvel’s Silk.

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